Events Schedule

Wednesday 11 September

  • Registration & Meet and Greet
    • Venture Gunroom 1700-2300. Dress: Smart Casual

Thursday 12 September

  • Navy Day
    • AM – Dockyard Tour & Tactical Simulator
    • Lunch Venture Cafeteria
    • PM – ORCA Sea Time, includes Naval Operational Tactical Group Demonstration

  • Naval Air Day
    • AM – MH Sqn Brief
    • Hanger Tour, Cyclone
    • Lunch individually arranged (Restaurants nearby)

  • Note: Both tours meet at the Collier Bldg 0900. Transportation TBA. Dress: Casual

  • Evening
    • Class Functions

Friday 13 September

  • Venture Association General Meeting
    • VAdmr Collier Bldg Auditorium 1000-1100. Dress: Casual

  • Gala Dinner
    • Wardroom (buffet) 1830 for 1930. Dress: Jacket and tie
    • Parking - Wardroom parking lot or across the street.

Saturday 14 September

  • Remembrance Church Service
    • St Peter and St Paul's Church 1100. Dress: Jacket and tie.

  • Coffee and Farewells
    • Venture Gunroom 1200-1400. Dress: Jacket and tie.

Parking is available on the Parade Square opposite the Kingsmill Building throughout the reunion.

Welland Room on the 6th deck of the Kingsmill Bldg will be open during the Meet and Greet, after the General Meeting, and during working hours. Ask Wilf Lund if you would like a tour.

A map of the Work Point (Venture) campus and directions to Work Point and the Wardroom will be forthcomimg, as will be details on transportation.