Venture Association Annual General Meeting

13 September, 2019

Minutes of the AGM, Collier Bldg Theatre, NOTC Venture

1. Call to Order, 1000. The President. Ed Vishek, welcomed all and stressed that he had a full agenda that he wanted to follow. Ed outlined the highlights and then invited the Co-Chair of the Venture Reunion Organizing Committee to say a few words. Eric Waal spoke to the detailed letter that had been submitted earlier and distributed for most members to digest.

2. In Attendance: 58 members were in attendance at the start of the meeting.

3. Approval of Minutes of previous meeting: Previous minutes were not submitted for approval as no minutes were prepared for the Ottawa reunion.

4. Financial Report: The National Treasurer, Ron Mclean presented a financial statement for the period from 1 January until 23 August, 2019. The statement listed all revenues for the period including the registration and Reunion costs. He projected a surplus after all bills had been paid and revenues collected. He showed $15 000 in the bank at year end. There were no questions from the floor, but Dick Duffield stated that he had Venture lapel pins for sale which had the potential to add a few dollars to the total. (Sec note: the Financial Statement attached is the latest by the Treasurer as of 30 Sep, 2019)

5. Church Service: The Rev. Harvey Waddell took the opportunity to brief the members on the planned commemoration services for Saturday.

6. Historical: Wilf Lund spoke about the statue “The Weasel” and the need to maintain it with the cooperation of the Base, through NOTC Venture. He mentioned that it was extremely important to maintain a close association with the Base for continued support including to the maintenance of the Welland Room. He spoke on the need to move the statue indoors in the future. Wilf mentioned the Memorial Plaque in the Welland Room and the photo of the Queen’s visit to Victoria in 1959, which was prepared for display by Marilyn Cunningham.

7. Proposed Changes to Reunions: The President started the discussion by saying the National President must continue to look after the artifacts and initiate the rewriting of the Bylaws. A motion was presented by Eric Waal to accept the proposals in the letter sent to the President previously to all members. The motion was seconded by Stan Brygadyr. The letter had six recommendations:

1, to cease the five year cycle of reunions,

2. to continue with Regional and Class reunions as currently organized,

3. to establish Regional Vice Presidents of the Venture Association,

4. to continue with the positions of a National President and Treasurer,

5. to continue with the production of the Signal and the Website, and

6. to form a committee with representation from all three Regions to consider and recommend how best to dissolve the Association and dispense with remaining funds in due course.

8. A question from the floor by Jack McGee (60), queried the need to follow the rules on membership for only those who attended between 1954 and 1966. A reply was provided by former President Ken Scotten who recalled that previous discussion noted that the Venture experiences after the 1966 period were totally different than prior to then. His remarks were corroborated by Wilf Lund. He stated that we were a stand-alone group and experienced a different set of circumstances to those that followed.

Another question from the floor by Doug Henderson (57), questioned the logic of including class functions in the motion. The response from the President and Treasurer was that it was included so that classes would understand that they had access to seed money from National for any local functions.

Again from the floor, Tim Kemp (63-2), wanted to confirm that everyone should be notified of events being held by classes or regions nation wide. He was assured that all would be notified via the Venture website.

9. The Vote: A vote was held on the proposals as published in the letter. A show of hands confirmed unanimous agreement and the motion was carried. Tom Essery (59), confirmed that the intent was for the idea of class reps to remain national. Joe Paquette (61), provided some clarification. Each agreed that any class functions or communications would carry on as in the past. The intent of the three-region system was to recognize the desire for less travel but to still have local functions regionally, and organized regionally.

10. Regional Vice Presidents: It was moved by Graeme Evans (65) that we establish regional Vice Presidents with the National President also looking after the west coast. Joe Paquette suggested we name a President on the west coast with two regional Vice Presidents. Withour further discussion the motion was approved.

11. Signal and Website: Eric Waal moved that the Signal and Website carry on as previously and that funding continue as done previously. The motion was seconded by Dave Cramton (59). The motion was approved.

12. Committee of Dissolution: After much discussion it was left for the new Vice Presidents to decide on dissolution matters. Doug McLean (64) strongly emphasized that the new regional representatives would be able to decide how to go about terminating the end of the association. Most agreed and a motion was not put forward formally.

13. Election: The names of three candidates were provided for election for Halifax, Ottawa and Victoria. They were Matt Durnford, Halifax; Richard Duffield, Ottawa; and Peter Bey, Victoria. There being no other nominees, all were acclaimed with Peter Bey designated as the President. Rick French (66), wanted to know if we were to follow the five-year cycle regionally. The response was that the matter would be laid out in the new bylaws. The bylaws would allow for any region to organize any event that they desired, whenever they desired.

14. Other Matters: The suggested, but long-established dues of $10 per year were discussed. Gordon Longmuir (57) reminded us that all who ever attended Venture are members, so that dues cannot be mandatory. In the absence of national reunions, dues may be paid by cheque or etransfer to Gordon, who will register the payment and forward it to the National Treasurer. Members may, if they wish, send their dues directly to the Treasurer who will inform Gordon so they may be registered.

Both Gordon Longmuir and Darryl Harden (65) were thanked for their continued hard and fruitful endeavours.

Gordon Longmuir said he was happy to carry on with the dual functions of Registrar and Editor of the Signal and to coordinate with Darryl Harden’s excellent website. One issue of note was the distribution of the Signal: It was agreed that, in future, only electronic distribution of the Signal will be done unless members specifically ask for it to be sent by snailmail. This will result in savings in time and money (printing, postage, etc.) It was also agreed that widows of deceased members will continue to receive condolences by letter from the President, along with an offer of honorary membership, which includes receipt of the Signal.

Jack McGee (60) spoke on behalf of John Cody about Kay Collucut’s efforts to continue soliciting donations for the Shearwater Museum building fund.

Lee Myrhaugen (63-II) reported on John Cody’s sudden illness while preparing to embark for the aircraft ride out west.

Stan Brygadyr (59) spoke on behalf of Terry Milne who was requesting assistance with funding of a planned Hampton Gray Memorial now in the planning stages for unveiling in 2020 in Sidney. There is information on this project on the website and in the Signal.

Al Snowie (66), reminded all of two upcoming anniversaries: the 100th anniversary of the first airmail flight across Canada; and the 75th anniversary of the end of the Battle of the Atlantic.

All voiced their thanks to Ron Mclean for his continued dedication as Treasurer.

15. Motion to Adjourn: The President adjourned the Annual General Meeting at 1135.


HMCS Venture Financial Report 30 Sep 19