Derek Hood

Died: 29 January 2018

Following is an email from Doug Henderson:

Hello Classmates,

John Truran has advised me that he has had a phone call from Derek Hood's wife, Margaret. Derek died on Monday, 29 Jan. He had been battling cancer for some time, multiple myeloma, and treatment seemed to winning until recently when the cancer spread to his lungs and liver. Treatment was discontinued.

Understandably, Margaret is unsure at this point when arrangements will be forthcoming regarding a memorial service. The Hoods have been living on Denman Island the last few years so a service on Denman would present travel difficulties for friends. In any case, nothing will happen before March.

Margaret indicated she would like this sad news passed on to his old friends and fellow Venture cadets. You no doubt remember Derek was originally a member of our class. I will pass on to you any further news that I get.

John tells me that he and Colin Crisp and their wives have visited back and forth with the Hoods over the last several years so this news came as quite a shock. They visited Denman last September and Derek seemed quite well at the time.

Yours aye,


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