2017 - Maritime Venture Gathering

The Maritime Ventures gathered once again (for the 9th time), on 28 May 2017. Forty one Ventures and partners, representing most classes, met at what has become our usual watering hole, the Compass Room at Casino Nova Scotia.

An hour social was followed by a buffet lunch. Wayne Halladay said grace before our lunch. John Cody proposed a toast to Ventures who crossed the bar since our last Gathering. This was followed by the Toast of the Day proposed by Roger Chiasson. Because we always meet on a Sunday, for variety the Toast of the Day is the choice of the person proposing the toast, however they may be inspired. Roger’s toast was “Our Nation” (Fri) which was most appropriate for the 150th anniversary of our great country.

The Maritime Ventures Gathering is held annually on the last Sunday in May in Halifax in the Compass room of Casino Nova Scotia. We, the Maritime Ventures , welcome any Venture who happens to be in the area to join us.

Cheers, Matt and Jane Durnford

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